Topcon APVRS KOL Interview Dr. Carol Cheung

Why Researcher Carol Cheung Chooses Topcon’s NW500 Fundus Camera

With the advent of AI imaging analysis, fundus photography is seeing a resurgent growth in eye care, especially in cutting-edge research. Dr. Carol Cheung’s work looks at how fundus images can be a window to underlying diseases like Alzheimer’s, and she relies on Topcon’s non-mydriatic NW500 fundus camera for images in both her research and clinical roles. 

In this video, Dr. Cheung talks about how she uses the NW500 and she describes how the NW500’s image quality and ease of use make it an ideal tool for the research lab and clinical settings. Watch the video now to hear more about Dr. Cheung’s experience with the NW500, and for more information, visit Topcon’s website for more.

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