Coronavirus Around the World: Ophthalmologists Check-in

We’ve all got to find a way to cope during coronavirus. In the United Kingdom (UK), there’s been an upsurge in home renovation, leading to a rise in eye-related hospital admissions. In Russia, people are recreating famous works of art in their homes. In short, we’ve all got to find a way of dealing with the ennui.

Some countries like Germany and Italy are beginning to emerge from their lockdowns, but many of us are still stuck inside. This applies to the team at PIE magazine too — some of us are free of the lockdown loopiness, while others (like yours truly) will stay shuttered away for some time.

We wanted to know how ophthalmologists and others are coping during this time. Sadly, we couldn’t commandeer a jet and force a film crew to travel for us, so we asked some of our friends to check in and let us know how they’re getting on. From Brazil, to India and beyond, they responded, telling us their thoughts on how the crisis is unfolding and how they envisage the ophthalmology industry of the future.

We’re keen to learn how you’re doing as well. How is the lockdown in your area? What do you expect the ophthalmology industry to look like in the near future?

Stay connected with PIE magazine and stay in the loop about the latest developments in the ophthalmology industry, coronavirus or not. Remember to stay funky, stay fabulous . . . and, if you have to, stay home.

Editor’s Note: More ophthalmologists and industry friends chimed in on the discussion, check out ‘Q&A from Quarantine’ series of PIE Talks.

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