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The ERG Revolution in Glaucoma and Beyond with RETeval™

It’s time for electroretinography to shine. Media MICE correspondent Matt Herman met with two doctors on the sidelines of APAO 2023 in Kuala Lumpur to talk about why ERG’s moment has arrived. Glaucoma expert Dr. Emma Rusmayani, an experienced RETeval™ user, sounds off on what makes the device so special in the current glaucoma diagnostic landscape for patients and clinicians, including ease-of-use, portability and size. Dr. Dayang Sayalam is a pediatric ophthalmologist from Malaysia pulled off of the show floor to give the RETeval™ a spin. After discovering just how easy testing with the LKC Technologies’ RETeval™ can be, she administered her first ever ERG test to a nervous first-time patient, host Matt Herman. Afterwards, the affable Dr. Dayang talked candidly about her first experience with the device, how it could help her as a traveling MD and the advantages it has over the current lineup of tools pediatric ophthalmologists have at their disposal.

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