Lumibird Medical’s Next-Gen Eye Care Solutions: Tango Reflex™ Neo & C.STIM®

Lumibird Medical’s tradition of innovation in ophthalmology continues with its latest cutting-edge solutions for some of the greatest needs in eye care today. With dry eye and glaucoma on the rise and a stagnant landscape in capsulotomy innovation, experts around the globe are talking about Lumibird Medical’s premium C.STIM® intense pulsed light (IPL) device and the Tango Reflex™ Neo YAG/SLT laser.

The next-generation Tango Reflex™ Neo is a fresh approach to clinical YAG lasers, featuring Imprint™, a dynamic heads-up display with real-time view of treatment settings in the binoculars, joystick control of energy settings and up to 2 mm of YAG posterior offset. This facilitates the use of PROcap™ (Premium Refractive Outcome Capsulotomy), a new way to perform posterior capsulotomy which makes it possible to produce adequately sized incisions, unlocking the full functional benefit of premium IOLs, protecting the lens and avoiding iatrogenic floaters.

Lumibird Medical’s C.STIM IPL device for dry eye also takes the spotlight, with optometrist Dr. Jennifer Rayner from Alleve Eye Clinic (Australia) highlighting its prowess in tackling dry eye. She explains how C.STIM offers a quick, effective intense pulsed light (IPL) solution for targeting the root causes of inflammation. She also discusses its unique Stim-ULI technology and how C.STIM’s flash-lamp water-cooling system guarantees homogeneous energy throughout the entire treatment process—and why this makes the device a safe and effective treatment solution in modern dry eye. For more on these groundbreaking devices, visit the Lumibird Medical website at

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