ESPANSIONE_EURETINA_Thumbnail_V2_Nov 21 2023

LM® LLLT for Dry AMD: Espansione Group’s LightWave I Case Reports with Dr. Claudio Iovino

Light Modulation® Low-level Light Therapy (LM® LLLT) is Espansione Group’s patented photobiomodulation (PBM) technology which recently burst onto the scene for dry AMD with the latest from the LightWave I clinical trial, after raking significant success in anterior segment applications. In this full presentation video, Dr. Claudio Iovino, one of the study’s nine investigators, takes an audience at EURETINA 2023 through the data with Espansione’s LM® LLLT.

Dr. Iovino believes LM® LLLT has the potential to upend conventional thinking on how to treat and preserve the sight of millions of dry AMD sufferers worldwide and beyond. To see why, check out what Dr. Iovino and the LightWave I data say about LM® LLLT—and head on over to newsroom for the latest updates!

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