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LKC’s RETeval™ Device Leads the Revolution in Electroretinography

Advances in electroretinography (ERG) means it’s time for this tech to have its day in the sun – and in this video, LKC’s ERG/VEP RETeval™ unveils its bid to lead the way. Portable, comfortable and user-friendly for both practitioners and patients – all while providing objective and immediate results – the RETeval is the choice for vitreoretinal surgeon Prof. Paulo Eduardo Stanga in diagnosing and managing a variety of retinal diseases.

With his 33 years in the field, Prof. Stanga shares his experiences and insights on why every retina specialist has something to gain from LKC’s ERG technology. Watch this video interview from EURETINA 2023, and discover why Prof. Stanga believes in the revolutionary RETeval for any practice searching for early diagnosis and efficient management of various retinal conditions.

Ready to elevate your retinal practice? Get in touch with LKC today to explore the benefits of RETeval. Learn more at https://lkc.com/products/reteval/.

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