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Fundus Photography is Within Reach – A Chat About Optomed Aurora® IQ With Dr. Rudrani Banik

Empowering a broad range of healthcare professionals to obtain fast, accurate, and easy fundus photos is crucial for early detection of ocular problems. Why? Because GPs and emergency doctors serve as the first line of medical defense. However, many non-specialists may not feel confident capturing ophthalmic images. Delays in treating certain ophthalmic conditions, like retinal stroke or sudden vision loss, can require immediate diagnosis and intervention, making early detection essential.

Introducing the Optomed Aurora® IQ fundus camera, which can play an invaluable role in ophthalmic diagnoses. It’s handheld, simple to use, and capable of providing high-quality images quickly — catching ocular issues early can prevent them from becoming critical concerns.

The future of fundus photography is flexibility and portability – for more, head on over to Optomed’s website or get in touch today!

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