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Back with a Roar!: The European VitreoRetinal Society is back after a three-year hiatus

The coveted vitreoretinal conference took place from August 31 to September 3 in Cappadocia, Turkey, and was attended by over 500 delegates representing 53 countries.

After a three-year break from in-person conferences, the European VitreoRetinal Society (EVRS) international congress was finally back this year. The EVRS meeting was not held from 2020 to 2022 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions. However, educational activities continued with webinars during this period, including a one-day live surgery event in April 2022.

Beyond borders

The European VitreoRetinal Society welcomed members from beyond European borders, establishing itself as a global entity. For a community of eye specialists with strong support from its ophthalmology members, the congress started on a high note and ended with a bang!

Dr. Sengul Ozdek, together with EVRS president Dr. Giampaolo Gini, Dr. Barbara Parolini and the organizers, brought together the best eye doctors from Europe and around the world. The event featured scientifically engaging sessions characterized by a friendly and open- minded atmosphere.

The presence of attendees filled the entire region with eager members who not only appreciated the conference but also reveled in the enchantment of Cappadocia.

An enchanting gala night

The opening night at Perissia Hotel provided an opportunity for members to meet and greet. Meanwhile, the gala night at Uchisar Kaya Hotel, carved out of Cappadocian rock, also attracted a significant turnout.

On the second night, the event culminated with the presentation of awards to the deserving winners in various categories:

Best Oral Presentation Award: Mageed Gerges

Best Video Presentation Award: Şengül ÖZdek

Best Poster Presentation Award: Dilek Güven

A special award, the EVRS Ambassador Award, was given by the incumbent president, Dr. Giampaolo Gini, to Dr. David Pelayes and Dr. Perfecto E. O. R. Cagampang III.

A farewell party like no other

The farewell night proved to be a show-stopping event, highlighting the talents of several members. The officers kicked off the evening with a performance to the tune of Jennifer Lopez’s “Papi,” followed by a Eurovision-style karaoke contest. Dr. David Martins, Dr. Lalit Agarwal and Dr. Melda Yenerel were followed by the winner Dr. Elçin Süren who sang with a flute musical show.

The European VireoRetinal Society has once again demonstrated its resilience and is now ready to soar and embark on more congresses in the future.

Editor’s Note:

  • The European VitreoRetinal Society (EVRS) was held from August 31 to September 3, 2023. Reporting for this story took place during the event.
  • A version of this article was first published in PIE Magazine Issue 28.
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