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Dr. Blake Cooper on the Optomed Aurora AEYE and On-the-Spot Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

Whether infirm or in denial, some patients are hard to pin down for a serious talk on diabetic retinopathy (DR). This is something Dr. Blake Cooper, a retinal expert and surgeon at Retina Associates in Kansas City, knows all too well. We sat down with Dr. Cooper to chat about the innovative Optomed Aurora AEYE device, its role in primary care, and how it ensures that patients receive timely screenings and treatment regardless of the circumstances.

Dr. Cooper likes how the handheld camera can be used to quickly and reliably image undilated eyes, with high-quality images and on-the-spot detection. By delivering AI-powered real-time screening in the primary care setting, Dr. Cooper believes the Optomed Aurora AEYE can help patients opt into treatment as quickly as possible. So watch the video to learn more about how the Optomed Aurora AEYE is helping combat diabetic eye disease and click here to visit the Optomed website:

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