Top Tech @ ASCRS Los Angeles
Top Tech @ ASCRS Los Angeles

Ever notice how ophthalmology industry videos bore you – or at least ought to disgust you – to death?

I mean, if you were outside the industry looking in, no internet speed known to man would be fast enough to click over to Netflix without some amount of consternation, having just watched something eyebally gross or Key Opinion Leadery-numbing.

And yet, we in the industry all go through the motions…

Delegate A: Wasn’t that an amazing video on [[Insert Product]]?!

Delegate B: Yes! (Industry Translation: No!).

Delegate C: Did you see Dr. X’s talk on [[Insert Procedure here]]?!

Delegate D: No, I missed it because I was watching Dr. Y’s talk on [[Insert Technique here]]. (Industry Translation: I’m busy and therefore important, but to be honest, I also do the same mind-nubbing things that you do.)

Well, we at PIE Magazine don’t believe in crappy ophthalmology industry videos. We believe in interviewing movers and shakers, but just not in your grandfather’s stone-age ophthalmologist’s way. We believe in (eventually when we grow up) talking to more Key Opinion Leaders, but not without a sense of humor.

Hence, we introduce eyeVLOG, a roving ophthalmology video blog, covering ophthalmology shows, technology, the posterior segment, and other industry content. Sure, you’ll get industry knowledge. But all in our trademark sassy style.

First up, we cover Top Tech @ ASCRS 2017 Los Angeles (Part I), because of all places, it was the best to kick off new ophthalmology coverage in true Hollywood-esque fashion. So pop some popcorn, sit back and eatlax. That’s jargon for relaxed eating, which you’ll now be able to do while watching ophthalmology videos thanks to us, and it’s about the only jargon you’ll find here.

This time around, we cover innovations at Ophtec, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, and Iridex. And we manage to sing a version of a classic song, and make a run to a colorful and innovative retail store in between…you’ll see.

Welcome to the NEW ophthalmology world.

It’s not quite yet, but it will soon be, always a good time. 

Article by Matt Young

Creative Content Director at Media MICE

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