The CAKE & PIE Revolution has Begun and it’s Bananas!

Do not adjust your television set, computer monitor or smartphone … normal programming will not resume — and welcome to the colorful world of Media MICE. The revolution has begun, comrades: banana costumes will become mandatory ophthalmic daily wear and everyone has to try Media MICE CEO Matt Young’s cooking (at least once). The CAKE & PIE Expo (C&PE) 2021 has arrived, and the ophthalmic conference arena will never be the same again.

So, glory to the revolution and welcome one and all to the Expo’s first day, featuring the absolute best and brightest in our awesome industry. The entire Media MICE team has labored in the foundries and factories to mine for nuggets of creative genius (or insanity, it’s all a matter of perspective) for you all to enjoy. You will find all your usual favorites, including the auditorium’s superlative symposiums (on two tracks) and positively perfect exhibitor booths — with a dash of our very own quirky take on things.

Log-in to the virtual lobby to take stock of the menagerie of the medically mesmerizing exhibits, starting with a cheeky little offering you’ll find at the bottom right of your screen called Humorous Scientific Posters[Editor’s Note: You may or may not take these posters seriously, they’re of the humorous kind after all.] Featuring some of the (ahem) leading and totally backed up by, well, research, this isn’t something you’ll want to miss. It even features a reference to my favorite medical malady, syphilis [Editor’s note: Oh god, no not again…]

But that’s not all! No, no, no. We have far more, including previous copies of CAKE, PIE and COOKIE magazines for you to peruse and download; our awesome Show Dailies – CAKE & PIE POST – made possible by our friends at OCULUS, Allergan, Quantel Medical; Media MICE TV; and much, much more. Make sure you check all of these cool functions out, and swing by our social media pages (i.e. LinkedIn and Facebook) to really spread the love. We’re all very sensitive people, after all.

Of course, the main events of the show on Day One, the brightest stars in the sky as it were, were the scientific sessions. With a veritable cosmic smorgasbord of content on offer, beginning with a discussion on What’s Cooking in Cataract? and ending with tasty retina recipes from the Special Session: Retinawesome. There was also a smattering of COVID-19’s effect on clinics, a pinch of posterior segment insights, and a heavy drizzling of the very best cutting-edge innovation in ophthalmology.

We also want to draw your attention to the debut of the Subthreshold Ophthalmic Laser Society (SOLS)  which officially launched at C&PE: Welcome to the madness! They have fully joined the revolution, and we hope you will too. So, make sure to tune back in tomorrow, Saturday, June 19. The Expo floor opens at 2 Pm, Singapore time (UTC/GMT+8). Come one, come all — and get ready for Day Two of the greatest ophthalmic expo on earth.

Editor’s Note: The revolution will be televised, and the leader will be bananas. This article is the cover story of CAKE & PIE POST (C&PE 2021 Edition), Issue 2. To browse the full issue, click here.

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