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New Management, Same RETeval®: LKC’s Acquisition Sets the Stage for the Future of ERG

The times, they are a-changing at LKC and their innovative RETeval® portable electroretinogram with the company’s recent acquisition – and the winds of change are blowing for good. When visionary new management combines with already-innovative eye care technology in the ultraportable and reliable RETeval ERG, the future is brighter than ever. 

New CEO Dina Dubey joined familiar faces Monika Ranta (VP of International Sales) and Gary VanMatre (VP of US Sales) to talk about what customers can expect from the changing of the guard. With fresh new approaches to R&D to an expansion of LKC’s world-class customer care, the next step in RETeval’s evolution is here.

For more info on the RETeval, head over to

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