Matt Young, CEO and Publisher of PIE Magazine and Media MICE team at APVRS Bangkok
Matt Young, CEO and Publisher of PIE Magazine and Media MICE team at APVRS Bangkok

Let me just come out and say it: There is no dedicated news outlet to the posterior segment in Asia-Pacific.

It’s crazy to consider how outlandish that is, yet true.

Plenty going on in the West, but nothing in Asia-Pacific.

That’s nothing dedicated to 2/3 of the eye, in the world’s most populous region.

Think about that.

Now think about the much beloved buzzword in ophthalmology – education – and wonder, where is the education on this topic in Asia-Pacific?

Well, I’m happy to announce, it has arrived.

PIE Magazine (Posterior Segment – Innovation – Enlightenment) is the first magazine dedicated to the back of the eye in Asia-Pacific. Posterior segment surgeons will now have their dedicated media resource in the region. And so will all general ophthalmologists who treat issues like AMD, glaucoma and other disorders of the mainland eye!

Parent Company Media MICE Pte Ltd is launching PIE Magazine at the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) in Singapore. Further, while many now know me – Matt Young – to be a walking booth, Media MICE will have its first-ever real booth to launch this magazine at APAO. We are just opposite Bausch & Lomb at our APAO Booth #E55, which really is a dream come true.

For years, I’ve seen Bausch & Lomb’s mammoth booths at the AAO, ASCRS, and many other locations around the world. It was always an honor to cross the threshold in search of that great contact to speak with. Now, at Media MICE, (Again, Booth #E55 – memorize it!) we are adjacent.

What has allowed us to be in this place, however, is not us, but rather industry, who supports us, and allow us to be there in full force, dedicating our efforts to the Posterior Segment.

We at Media MICE are a light. PIE Magazine is our prism. The Posterior Segment is our focus. Surgeons and ultimately patients are the beneficiaries. And Industry makes it all happen. Please reach out in a comment below if you’re interested to collaborate, be covered, advertise, or just receive a copy.

Asia-Pacific, let’s get ready to ruuuuuuumbleeeee!

Article by Matt Young

Creative Content Director at Media MICE

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  1. Matt Young 19/05/2017 Reply

    This is a great new blog. I write it so I should know;)

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