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APACRS has gotten a bad rap; some think it’s only about cataract and refractive surgery in the region.

So we decided to rap about the posterior segment at the recent APACRS Hangzhou, and then find back-of-the-eye innovation there.

We did!

Some eyeVLOG highlights from APACRS Hangzhou:

  • Yo, Yo: The OCULUS BIOM provides not just fundus viewing, but surgical fundus viewing
  • Check It: Remidio takes the iPhone to a whole new level for retinal imaging.
  • Wiggity Whack: Ellex shows that there’s nothing abstract about floaters – we saw them whack floaters on the spot with laser floater removal, or LFR.
  • Straight Up: I decide to launch my career as ophthalmology’s first rap superstar. This may be useful in the future to advance education on Retinal Angiomatous Proliferation (RAP), but for now, I won’t quit my day job as PIE Magazine CEO.
  • You can see all our coverage at our newly launched PIE website, piemagazine.org, home of PIE Magazine, Asia-Pacific’s first magazine on the posterior segment.

We hope you enjoy, and that eyes – if not ears – around the world are better off thanks to the eyeVLOG.

Article by Matt Young

Creative Content Director at Media MICE

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